Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chalet, PT + Gavin's birthday...

I'm really sorry that I haven't been blogging alot.
Much as I wished to blog, but something's pulling me back from doing so.
Perhaps I'm still enshadowed by the past afterall..
So I guess I'll let the fotos do the speaking then?

28th July 2007...
After a couple of drinks... (Ok, perhaps many couples of drinks...)
Weird nonsense happens...

1st the mass bonging left-right-centre, in-out, up-down, up-up-down-down-A-A-B-B Start...

Followed by Unca A pouncing on the target for 2nd round...

And having a ravaged target finding someone to seek help...

And the attacker proud and gay...

And the ending shot before Unca A falls back into deep sleep...
(So Titanic!!!)

THE END. Bah. =P

10th Aug 2007.
Got mobilised for PT + Gavin's bdae @ Movida.
Table's laden with lots of poison for choice already when Nad & I arrived.

Shortly after, poor Ah Yee J gotta take the rap for her bf cos her bf smoked out sometime along the way.

Then, 莫名其妙 got dancers and live band come out.
Machiam like Bollywood lidat, something happened den everyone's out to dance.

A frontal shot...

For some reason though, TK wasn't pleased with it.
Thus the totem of freedom.

Shortly after, TK found alternate source of leisure.
Although it looks as though someone pulled an rear-entry off on him while he attempts it on M.

After that, TK tried to pull off another stint on the bdae boy...
Only to be told, "Sorry we don't serve banana split here..."

Anyway, my biggest surprise for the night came in the form of finger food.
OMG! How come Movida sells such nice fried finger food?!?!
It's akin to KTV Pubs!!!

Anyway, drinking with the outlaws' fun yet weird.
Apparently, the bottles seem to defy the laws of matter conservation.
Cos they just don't seem to empty.
either that, or they just keep coming.

And the best shot of the day??
The sexy back from JF's bdae back then strikes back!
(Though Alex tries to get a piece of it this time...)

Doesn't this look sooooo familiar?

Hmmm perhaps not.
Oh well.

That's all.
As for the rest of the stories, go fill in the blank.
Bah. Time for zzz...
Sweet dreams are only for the naive sheeps.
Reality's for the forsaken souls...

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