Monday, May 21, 2007

JF's Birthday @ Zouk

(Disclaimer: Some part of the entry may not be entirely factual in nature. Any censoring of face, pls inform me.)
(Warning: Super long picture-filled post)
Last Friday night was spent with the folks @ Zouk to do the countdown to JF's birthday.
Nad and I was slightly late but still on time wor.
We were told that there were champagnes, long islands,
Drinks Drinks...
flaming lamborghini,
Lambo round 1
shots, (dunno what shots)
More drinks
martell, vodka orange, vodka cranberry, vodka ribena and god-knows-what-other-drinks.
Camwhoring 5
(Oh, that's just Alex camwhoring with drinks)

And of cos, you don't call it a birthday unless you have the birthday boy drink the flaming lambos.
Junxiong drinks

Oh yah, the fun doesn't just stop there.
It's just the start of 2nd and 3rd and...etc. rounds. =)
Lambo round 2
So soon comes the 2nd round of lambo before everyone realises.

On the other end of the drinking spectrum, we have the 'non'-alcoholics who discovered something...
Redbull Mania
Redbull! Lots of it!!!!

Apparently, Nadia the redbull freak lover can't resist camwhoring with her beloved redbull.
nad & redbull 1

To the extent she almost had to become 1 herself. =)
Nad does he redbull

But wait! She had a better plan!
Nadia & her redbull
"I might as well take everything", she thought.

Unfortunately, some thirsty poor soul guy decide to turn to redbull to quench their thirst.
nadia protects her redbull
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!", Nadia cried out.

And then we heard a loud "ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!"
There you go, a lovebite on the arm.
And Nadia got back her redbull and she live happily ever after.
Moral of the story? Ask before you take.
Especially a redbull from a redbull lover.

Anyway Redbull works wonders.
Nadia carries Joelle
Like giving our petite nadia the unholy incredible strength to carry Joelle who is taller than her.

Anyway, someone was spotted with a sexy back and some of the barflies just can't resisting 'molesting' and teasing it.
Back & hands

Anyway, nadia got so infatuated with the back that she can't help posing for a photo beside it.
Nadia & cherylyn's back
Only if she had extended her tongue out and lick it. =P

On a side note, weird things have been happening the whole night.

For starters, we have weird finger invading photo shots.
It was first spotted when Gaston happened to get shot.
Invasion of the Finger 1
After much tracing, we managed to spot it again when Joyce, Cherylyn & Nadia's having their 'Gals-only' shot.
Invasion of the Finger 2

The second weird phenomenon was that after severe intoxication, drinkers tend to lose control of their tongues, as shown in the fotos below.
Camwhoring 2Camwhoring 1
(L: Alex licking Nadia. R: Gaston trying to lick Rainne)

And of cos, part of the side effects of intoxication includes random 'crashing' to people's fotoshots.
Camwhoring 3

All in all, it was a great night, even though our bdae boy eventually got pwned by dunno-who-with-dunno-what.
Camwhoring 4
Here's to you JF, Happy Birthday!
(Ok, belated bdae)

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