Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mixed bouts of High & Low

Random bouts of moody-ness.
Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
Mostly bad, I would say.

I guess Veron was probably 1 of the 1st few to notice it when I went to fetch her for chalet.
The unusual level of sarcasm, that is.

Then again, unusual level is only kept for certain category of folks & certain events. bah.

I guess I shall not touch on the day's events, both happy in the east & sad in the west.
Maybe I shld move to the east perhaps?
Bah, perhaps not.

To quote Qiqi,

Perhaps that could explain precisely what I was feeling, even till right now.
Somethings I'll probably never ever understand why. Cos I wasn't given a chance to.

Just when I thought things are over and all well, apparently the much-desired numbing effect which only lasted temporarily faded and things got worse.
Bah. I guess I was truly forlorn afterall.
Not the 1st for sure, but probably countable with just 1 hand or afew fingers.
Afterall, it ain't easy for skeptics like me to put forth my true feelings.

But right now, all I do want...
Ish someone to cuddle up against, and offer me a sanctuary...
Cos I'm feeling lost and down, and the room's as if Hell had froze over and over again...

The fact that random memories keep coming back,
random updates and snippets of events here and there,
and that sudden bout of mood swing all didn't help.

And the last thing I want was to freeze with all these random nonsense in my mind, in the room.
(The aircon CERTAINLY wasn't helping by blowing at full blast)

Right now, all I can do is stare out towards the light outside the window, while remain lost and trapped within darkness.
Guess that's the irony of life.

Afterall, I stepped into this room of darkness myself.
Probably the dumbest move evar, but then again, since when love isn't ever dumb and stupid and blind?
Ignorance is bliss, I concur.
I still love to love, and hate to hate. -zen effect-

P.S. no mood to blog abt chalet. Sorry.
& the fact that no cuties among the dragon babies sux SIA!!!

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2 MoOeD~!!

At 11:49 am, July 31, 2007, Blogger Jesuafreak said...

laiii, maiii emo.....

At 12:57 pm, July 31, 2007, Blogger CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! said...

Lai lai frenly lai...
tah tah... =P
(no absolut though, damn erxin)


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