Friday, May 18, 2007

Of vibrators, dildos & airport staff [abit nsfw]

Recently, I've been reading some articles about sex & the use of sex toys (namely the vibrator & the dildo) via different sources, like the usual cowboybar where we have the unwritten logo "All threads eventually led to sex", some stupid articles here and there (not PRON site k?), and of cos from the blogs of some of the barflies too. Like Sunshin3.

Which suddenly in this weird hour (thinking abt sex toys at 3am is weird enough), I thought of something really crazy.
What happen if a lady got stopped at the boarding gate at the airport cos the vibrator caused the metal detector to go off?

I wonder how the security crew's gonna react when the lady tells him/her
(more hilarious if it's a him) abt the toy down under?
Imagine this dialogue:
staff: "Sorry but there's some metallic stuff on u. I'll have to check with
the sensor." (now high-tech, no need hand-search)
-*scan scan* buzzer go off around hip area-
staff: "Can u empty ur pockets?/May I know what's inside ur
skirt/pants/shorts/whatever u can think of?"
Lady: "Oh it's just a vibrator/(whisper/speak softly)'s"
Staff: "What?! A vibrator?!(optional)"

Imagine all the looks that would draw at the airport. =P
On a sidenote, too much finance and accounting crap is bad for the brain.
No wonder I'm typing such nonsense.
To Veron: pls dun take up accountancy k? I don't wish for another person I know to go crazy.

Must be the lack of sleep and overwork from endless mugging for exams that's causing all these crankiness.
I need a good rest after exam. =(

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2 MoOeD~!!

At 10:16 am, May 18, 2007, Blogger sunshin3 said...

why not? ppl also got needs one leh.


At 2:38 pm, May 18, 2007, Blogger CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! said...

yah i know ppl got needs 1.
just like me.
oops. I mean everyone. =P
*mumble* "i got needs too...i need...go poo poo..."

but given the context of our society (which is freaking conservative even till now), I doubt the uncles and aunties who are boarding the various budget airline would be approving of such things wor. =)


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