Friday, October 12, 2007


Wed night spent at Zouk Winebar was well-spent with Mr. Koh, XF, jen, dodo dody & YL.
Lots of crapping, endless scandalous fotos. Topped with 1-for-1 'cheap' booze for all.
1 of the key nonsense that XF crapped was abt the old HAPPY. (u know which 1. the 1 at Tg Pagar..)

Anyway she was exclaiming that nice guys are either:
1) Attached/Married
2) Monks
3) Gay
4) Ugly & Fudgy
5) Dumb
6) Some/All of the above

If I ever fall into this category, I'll pick (3) , (4) & (5). [Cos I got 自知之明, so i chose (4) & (5).]
This way, at least no one dares to lay hands on my insurance claim.
[So I can freaking donate them all to charity!]

Anyway it was like a freaking SMU Fuckfest last night. Met Edward, Russell, Kinseng & other folks there.
I think most of the SSU folks were there, along with the dance folks and perhaps the more happening people from Biz. [Acc ppl mugging in lib. lalala...]
It was packed like mad at winebar already, I swear.
Mambo side was worse.

It's kind of disappointing yet of a sort of relief that I didn't went Mambo after that with the gals.
[Although I wanted to.]
No, I didn't have any meetings or what's not the next morning [proj mate sick, so meeting cancelled.]
And yes, the queue's pretty long that I decided no point going. since i might not get free priority entry as citibank cardholder
+ I just don't believe in spending more for the night and not getting high and drunk.
No I'm not drunk. I'm pretty much thirsty still, though tired. =*(
Besides, 10 jugs only for 6 of us, Dody's pretty gone and I'm on auto-pilot cos I'm FREAKING sleepy.

So bad I had to stop over for bak kut teh cos I'm sleepy and tired. Bah.
Guess I need to rest more in advance if I plan to drink next time.

Anyway another all-time nonsense from Biz Analysis class today as illustration for IT strategies...

"A good example will be comparing a maid & a wife.
When u're single, it's more affordable to outsource & get a maid cos u dun haf that much activity to reap EOS. Thus outsourcing generates savings.
However when activity increases till a point where the maid is more costly, u get married. Then u can insource and be an outsourcer for others!"

With classes like these, it's hard to fall asleep. Though I still do.
There's no rest for the wicked, remember?

On a sidenote, facebook does lots of nonsense.
U suddenly realise that many of those cute frens of urs were all attached. Bah.
As though those gals are like slots for JAP101. Taken up immediately with high bids @ the 1st instance possible.

Anyway a brand new day tomorrow. Let's see how things go. =P

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