Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Temp Post

Yes, I'm still non-functional and down, despite all the ups that's been going on like the free tixs from MX team & Nuffnang, and even renewal of my source of extra $$ for AY07-08.
(Who don't want extra pocket $$ to live like a king anyway?!)

Meanwhile, thou shall post something nice (yet censored to protect the gaylords) for all...
Presenting, the gaylords among the hedonistic barflies of the cowboy bar...

(Koped from RationalNeurotic's blog)

Presenting, Uncle Fong humping Mr H, who happens to go down on Mike, who's being 'backstabbed' by a horny CT.

More nonsense fotos to be up soon.
As for how soon, guess it depends...
Afterall, I take a long time to recover. bah.

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