Monday, August 13, 2007

Hopeless Society, Dumb Teens, Needless Cursing, and an Asshat 'top blogger'

There's so much things I wanted to blog about.
Like the Uni-Y Blue Moo session that we had at YMCA's rooftop on Fri nite.
Or that wild bdae celebration of PT & MB on Fri nite as well.
Or that movie review of Jay Chou's Secrets, which I watched with Yvonne on Sat night.
(Now stop being a pussy & be frightened by ghost lah.)

But instead, I decide to talk about something more serious.
Something that's more of a concern. Especially in our society.

Remember Felicia Teo, the student who was reported lost since 30th June?
The gal whose foto is on flyers and posters all over bus stops and lamp post in town?

I only got to hear about her case recently after the media & blogosphere covered it briefly...
Apparently, some asshat had to well, BE THE ASSHAT and curse her.
Nadia was the 1st to alert me about it...
Not to mention, the self-proclaimed 'top blogger' started a round of flaming on a 13-yr old gal who plagiarised his nonsense not too long ago.
Ok, maybe quite long ago.

Generally, I'm not so big on all this flaming issues. What I felt was, it's meant for AA (Attract Attention) folks like XX and co.
But for him to curse the missing gal to drown to death?
That's akin to the case of the secondary school gal who said on her blog that her classmate who drowned in the drain/canal deserved it.
[Anyway that poor idiot got whacked by some other folks from school as well.]

No one deserves to be cursed so badly. Ok, perhaps Bush & Osama may qualify for it.
But I mean, why resort to such verbal abuse on someone (a gal especially) when she's in mishap?
There's something called Karma.
U could possibly end up in the same situation where u need help while hanging for ur life on the edge of a cliff, and some asshat could similarly throw a barrel at you, Donkey Kong style.
Or get run over by a car and the next farker just continue w/o stopping by and help.
[P.S. I ain't cursing U voxy. I'm just generating hypotheoretical scenarios for u.]

In a modern society like Singapore where our papa & grandpa Lee happily shoot the word "civilised" like no one's business, this is certainly not anything near civilisation.
The very last thing we need is for our society (or in fact any) to be cold and uncaring, oblivious & unconcerned with problems faced by others within the society.

*Updates* - our in-house camwhore has removed his link. Bah. Oh well.
thank god for the screenshows Nadnut has.
Screenshots as follows: 1 2 3 4 5

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