Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Information Overload

Bah. That's what I'm experiencing now. (I wonder if someone else's reading this.)

So much emails to clear, so much liaisoning to do.
Bah, Gotta check with Fuji Ice Palace and Snow City regarding ice skate, snowboard & ski-ing.

And to add on to the load, lots of RSS feeds to read.
And the biggest problem with RSS feeds? Information overload.

As a result of having such a wide information network, I virtually get bits & pieces of various happenings, and let's just say that's how I got to know about events, celebrations and stuff lidat.
(Which kinda bring about further heartaches and frustrations cos...nvm)

Oh well, let's not go into the exact details as to where I get my feeds and info from.
Let's just say...Technorati & Google work miracles.
[Aku found blogs of almost the entire Org. Comm for my camp]

Somehow, someone was talking about celebrating the various milestones in life, 16, 18 and 21.
Needless to say, I had quite a bad time at those pt in time less my 18th, which my then-gf kinda celebrated with me.
[Ignorance is bliss. Innocence is priceless. Good old fun times slacking ard]

As such, I shall never date a 20-going-21 gal evar. [Not as if I can/got the looks/afford the time & $$.]
Not just cos I had a sucky 21st bdae mugging for AS... [__ to exam schedule]
Not just cos I was deemed insignificant to be present at 21st bdae celebration...[No prize for guessing...]
Not just cos I had exams + IPPT in Dec after my sch's exams & my freaking bdae as well...
I kinda realise folks around that age (esp gals) experience lots of changes, that makes it hard to comprehend them.
And to make things worse... I already don't get them, to start off with.
It's like having a tsunami right after an earthquake.
Things just can't get any better.
[Another analogy? Wall Street Slump followed by ST Index fall. Get the pict?]

I hate 21. So much for being 21.
(Aku no watch R21 yet! Courtesy of Texas Chainsaw closing early)

So...Anyone care to pledge his/her presence in advance towards my belated 21st & oncoming 22nd??
Last yr's Wala clashes with ZoukOut & was a serious flop. -> only Ah Yee Missy turned up.
[afterall, if nv celebrate 21st, can consider I'm still 20th... =P]

Bah. Uncle Fong's chalet pixs + Uni-Y FOC's fotos to come soon.
And by soon, pls go infer. => [IE when I feel like it.]

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