Thursday, May 31, 2007


Thou shall go into seclusion, in view of the 2 exams + 1x competition upcoming within 2 weeks' time.

Having said that, thou shall not be blogging during this time.

Meanwhile, some interesting things I always hear my female counterparts say.
They always lament that their prospective bfs must be able to give them security.
Or rather, they always quote the reason for breakup being "they dun feel secure with their bf".

Now then, what I believe is that security in relationship is a mutual affair.
Just as how gals can feel insecure, guys do have their moments of insecurity.
In the 1st place, guys feel insecure becos of the gal's behaviour.
And it in turn leads to the gal feeling insecure.

In my opinion, it's a vicious cycle, and the only way is to nip it in the bud.
What do you think then?

Guess shall leave this up to you folks to think about it.
Meanwhile enjoy the song and cya in 2 weeks time.

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