Saturday, May 26, 2007

Reflect Reflecting Reflected

I just realise I'm at the 900th post milestone, and reaching the 1000th post milestone soon.
This also marks me blogging (I wonder which dumbfark came up with the term blogging), or rather writing on a weblog since 2002. (Dun ask me which mth)

A good 5+ years of 'blogging' I must say.
If you close 1 eye and ignore the bad part of it, that is.
This is afterall, 1 of the longest blog I ever held on to after Livejournal.

Which brings me to the point of pondering over the true meaning of blogging.
Is it to mindlessly blog about your daily happenings so that your friends can all know that you stoned to boredom at home everyday?
(And oh please, I don't wanna know you're too poor/lazy to buy a diary or you use Biore instead of Loreal for facial)
Or is it to comment on world affairs without worries of backlash? (even if there are, they won't know your face. =P)
Or, is it just mindless effort on your part to create publicity like some of the more 'pinky' bloggers out there?
(Just becos they get a pink PSP from blogging, doesn't mean you gotta follow them too!)

Then again, sometimes, you just have to blog. But for no apparent reason.
Which occurred to me frequently in the past.

However, 1 of my biggest dislike is having to blog to pass time, when I really don't have something to blog about.
Blogging for the sake of blogging is just so wrong.
It is akin to having sex for the sake of having sex. (Ok my bad if you folks have needs.)
Or cooking for the sake of cooking. (You cook cos u're hungry, u want to eat, or cos it's fun!)
Or even reading for the sake of reading.

Whatever the activity, I just don't believe in doing it for the sake of going through the motion.
Which is why even though the stats of this blog is pathetic and way below the required min 20 unique hits by, I still don't believe in increasing my site hits by bitching about how bimbotic Steven Lim or so-&-so is, or complaining about how dumb American/Singapore Idol is, or even posting up sure-laughter bullshit like this:
ruhua poster
And this.

Nevertheless, as one grows older, it is inevitable that we would seek purpose in everything we do.
Meanwhile, I guess most of us are just doing things for the sake of doing it.
Some say it's stupid. I prefer to think of it as "Ignorance is bliss". =)

P.S. Nadia!!! When are you gonna organise boardgames outing to pitstop?!

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