Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mere thoughts of nonsensical crap

Why do I wake up in the night, only to realise I missed you?
Why do I miss you, only to have you not around?
Is it pure paranoia, or just imagination playing its tricks on me?
For a moment, I wish that I can just ignore the world and continue sleeping...

Somehow, I thought of Pei Chong's blog entry for no reason...
what would you say if i told the world i still love you?
What would you do if all that i do is to think of you?
Would you cry? Or would i cry that you didn't?
You've gone too far away to come back ...Sweet scent of spring wilts.
Someone onced asked why the sun goes on shining? why do the birds still

Because when the heart is dead, nothing else matters anymore..

Sometimes...I just feel damn lost.
I guess while people usually say it's best to face a bad day with a smile...
I think when it's a bad day, it's best to face ur bed...


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