Saturday, May 19, 2007

Guess what...

Anyone care to guess what the heck I cooked??
This is supposed to be a cheese omelette, but apparently no matter how I look @ it, it doesn't seem like 1.
It doesn't really smell fab (cheese smell fab 1 meh?), and it certainly looks like shit, and well the taste...
Well at least it taste pretty gd according to my standard, considering I'll not hesitate to 'waste' food if it's badly done.

After some AAR, apparently the problem seems to lie with the use of too much cheese.
Cos while turning the omelette (big mistake cos all the cheese gathered on top), the cheese sticked onto the pan.
Guess even non-stick pans oso can't stand the wrath of cheese.
Even sticky than some organic substance like u-know-what-i-toking-abt. Like chewing gum. =P

On a side note, here's some sneak preview of what happened..
It's a night full of bare nice backs...
with weird growth of fingers...
Back & hands

A night of pinch and bites... (no prize for guessing who)

And of cos, we can't forget that statue of RedBull...
Redbull Mania
(no prize again for guessing. anyway how come they din pay u $$ for advertising for them?!)

Anyway more updates after I finish editing and stuff. =)

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