Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Renovation - Day 1 & 2

Remember around 6+ mths ago when the tiles popped at home???

After a long long time, we finally decided to have all the tiles removed and replaced with new tiles since the other tiles are pretty hollow below and at risk of popping up too like their earlier counterparts.

Day 1
On Tues the workers arrived and started to remove the existing tiles with their drilling equipments.
By the time I've gotten home from school in the evening, everything's been fully drilled and in the mids of being cleared.

Fastforward to 8pm...
Voila...All the tiles cleared and the materials shifted indoors...

Day 2
As usual, wasn't around in the day. Progress today was kind of slower than expected, since when I gotten home, all the sand are piled nicely in mounds (not THAT mound) at home, making movement kinda difficult.
Even my dog who decided to 'escape' from the room was smart enuff to avoid it..

To my surprise however, only 1 worker was cutting the tile, mixing and applying the cement, and laying them in place.
[What happened to the other 2 that I saw in the morning?!]

Comes nightfall at 7pm, only the small section near the entrance/kitchen was completed.

Not exactly fabulous in terms of progress, but at least it beats having nothing to walk on.

While equipments like spades and barrows are pretty much kept properly, I can't help taking a shot of this:

Cos for a moment, I wonder why the heck would someone leave the cap on the spade.
So sibei RIP...[too bad not helmet]

Now comes the $1000 question...[Not as difficult as the million dollar qn...]

If the person starts laying tiles at the entrance inwards...
How is he going to use the wheelbarrow to transfer stuff into the house w/o damaging/scratching/cracking/etc the tiles there???

I'll be glad if someone cares to answer my queries...

3 MoOeD~!!

At 11:34 pm, January 16, 2008, Anonymous JayWalk said...

The other two worker went on Tao Huay break lah.

You never watch Phua Chu Kang meh?

At 11:49 pm, January 16, 2008, Blogger Joelle said...

Line the new tiles with cardboard 1st lah!


undergrad somemore.


At 11:15 am, January 17, 2008, Blogger Jesuafreak said...

they would either fly over the new tiles or teleport the stuff over...

got logic boh...

Heroes.. ordinary pple with extra-ordinary skills....

If they really not so special, then they would do wat joelle says lor


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