Monday, June 11, 2007

The Day the Tiles@home popped...

Sudoku event post will only be up tomorrow...
Meanwhile this is what actually happened shortly after I got home...

My little rascal doggie boyboy was as usual lazing around and playing with his balls, and chewing on his mini bones...

(He can balance the ball on his head k?)

Then suddenly he ran over to this spot near the computer table and sofa near where I am, and started sniffing around like some custom dog from China...

(And no Nadia, boyboy's looking for food, NOT U!!)

Usually he has the habit of sniffing around when there's weird presence (strangers, insects, etc), he's hungry or he needs to pee/shit/whatsoever...
To which I'll always tell him to go to the kitchen toilet if he needs to do his 'business'.
So apparently I heard something strange, akin to gas leakage. The hissing 'ssssssss' sound came from the very spot where he is.
He suddenly ran off and I wondered what happened, while approaching my com.

And then it happened. The 1st 2 tiles at that spot burst and popped up.
Like a shockwave, the adjacent few(with their neighbours) popped up as well towards the balcony.
Thank god though that it stopped just behind my computer chair, or else I won't have tiles to place the chair on then...

So initial survey of the damage? 18 tiles...

(Initial popping of tiles)

(In the mids of removing the tiles)

So as we remove more tiles, the adjacent 1s eventually got loosened or have hollow spaces underneath them as well.
Which means a domino effect as the hollow is what causes them to pop...

(After removal)

While everyone (except me) is clearing up the mess and removing the tiles, little rascal doggie boyboy decides to be funny and go over to my sis (where the purple slippers above) and play 'kaypo' (Busybody).
BTW, don't ask why I dun need to help in the clearing. Someone has to bring the heavy bucket of tiles down afterall.

And I guess apparently he is pretty heavy now, cos after sitting at the tiles for awhile, the 2 tiles where he's sitting on decides to give way and popped up too (with him on it), and he got so traumatised that he run off to the room to hide...

("他妈的 scare the shit outta me!!")

So fast-forward a couple of hours to midnight, doggie's lazing around and napping off.
Then he suddenly decides to be playful and check out the same spot...
As a temporary measure, we've masked up all the edge of the remaining tiles near the affected area and covered it with cardboards.

But seems like doggie's curious about it.
Let's just pray hard he don't mistake it as his pee spot tomorrow morning.
(He almost pooed there just now)

So in the end, total damage = approx 28 tiles cos some adjacent tiles that were initially fine were affected when we removed the damaged 1s.
Not to mention, we have around approx. 10~12 pending removal cos they sounded hollow.

According to Dad, it's due to temperature and pressure changes that caused air within these hollows to force the tiles out.
And his initial plan to drill small holes at that spot (we already knew it's abit hollow long time ago) to allow ventilation and ease the pressure, wasn't executed cos we don't have that small a drill bit. =*(
(Oh by the way, he said it won't really affect marble tiles though cos they are freaking heavy!!)
So folks, do check your tiles at home k??

It's always better to know if hollow tiles exist so you can identify them early and correct it.
(You can use something hard like your head knuckle or the handle of the screwdriver/hammer/whatever nonsense you have to knock on the tiles and listen for the sound. It should sound hollow..*废话/JIAO WEI!!!*)

Afterall, sometimes contractors may do a shitty job of renovating your new house...
Or old houses like mine will end up having shitty problems like these or cracked walls.

P.S. Don't blame me for poor photographs k?
I am not as apt in photography like ah 9 leh..
Photography and Pig
Courtesy of

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At 11:12 pm, June 11, 2007, Blogger Ah 9 said...

nowadays...most of the time...i just press the button too. haaa

At 11:49 pm, June 11, 2007, Blogger CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! said...

LOL...heee... ^5 dude...


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