Saturday, January 05, 2008

2007 vs 2008

A couple of days late, but this entry still pretty much serves many purposes...
For starters, from an accounting perspective comparison of historical performance vs forecast gives us an insight into variances and help formulate new forecasts.
Also, for the sake of a written record, since human memories are fragile.

In 2007...
- Gotten my best result evar so far after suffering poor results and a near-miss heartache (of dean's) in May. [BEST BDAE PREZZIE EVAR!]
- experienced being 'mod-less' during 1st week of sch..[stupid bidding system...]
- Thru my brudder-cum-boss JF, discovered new and fun places with live performances...
- Broke my NY resolution of quitting drinking, and drank like a fish after exam. [Not exactly a gd thing, but that's altogether a different thing]
- Met up for the 1st time with Uncle Jay, who never fails to make us all luff with his hilarious tales. [“又是你干的好事!!”]
- Took the plunge in many things. Some good, other bad. [Let's forget abt the bad, shall we?]
- Realised I tend to be quite a sucker AKA Robert AKA 菜头 and do stupid things sometimes...

As such, in 2008 I wish for the following...
- Dean's List!!!! (B+ avg... =P)
- To get my OBU degree by Dec 08
- If possible, to take my 2 option papers in Dec 08 and to pass them! =)
- To gain a better understanding of myself and to rediscover myself again...[cliche...]
- To clinch that internship at either Big 4 or with Credit Suisse, Standchart, Citibank, etc...
- To have a chance to celebrate my bdae properly.
- For better health, and a healthier lifestyle.
- To discover a new love for hobbies, pastime, or anything...
- Try not to be too much of a 菜头 in 2008. [Since I just did a 菜头 on the 1st fri of 08..]

Guess that's pretty much abt it.
A simple yet crazy list of wishes...


0 MoOeD~!!

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