Saturday, December 15, 2007

Drink, Reflect, Drink more...

A perfect ending for a not-too-fab-start term.
15 weeks of hard work, just for that 2 weeks of anxiety waiting for results.
With results that far exceeds my pessimistic expectations and optimistic forecast.
[Nothing though compared to 6 mths of hard work & that 2 mths of waiting every semi-annum.]
Doubt there's chance for repeating such a feat though since the higher I climb, the harder it gets.

On a side-note, it took me 1/2 a bottle of Black Label to realise I've never moved on at all.
That I'm still holding on to a certain past, even though I shouldn't be.
That I thought I have let go, but I haven't.

It's painful to see myself in such a state, I conclude.
Though there isn't much I can do about it.
Into 2008, hoping it'll be much better...


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