Wednesday, October 10, 2007


When the world seems to be against u...
When everyone takes what you say at face value & not with a pinch of salt...(perhaps they like it salty, thus many pinches of it..)

Perhaps it's high time for me to...
Wave my hooves and say, "BAH!!!"

Like what someone told me during a dinner...
"If you dun like it, if u're annoyed, just don't comment lor."
And indeed he's right. Perhaps I should really do so.

There's afterall a limit as to how right people can get.
Especially when they're whining about something when others (especially their other 1/2) are alright with it.
A typical case of complaining abt "how poor you are when ur S/O's willing to 同甘共苦 with you", or how fat you are when everyone says you're just right.
It's pretty annoying at times.

AND MIND U. I'm fat [internally] and poor too. BAH.
[My arteries are 1/2 clogged...bah]


0 MoOeD~!!

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