Monday, September 03, 2007


"Oei, 东西做好一点. Be professional, not personal." - 刘玲玲 in 881

I guess that pretty much sums up my 1/2-hearted blog entry in a long time abt 881.

To be honest, it's really hard for me to stay focused and objective about my goals and keep to my plans.
Not when I'm still enshadowed by all these past events which I'm still trying to pull away from.

To be fair, everyone does have their fair share of heartwrecking affairs and well...skeletons in their closet.
It's just a matter of how long one takes before we throw them all into the sea...
(for someone else to rediscover them another day...)

With the endless FRSs & SSAs to read, I really don't have the time to brood over anything.
Yet, that subtle trigger always brings me back to memory-recollections, which hurts alot...
Which boils down to the very fact... Why did I even start with something that doesn't seem to last for long?
Just as the same way I question my sanity for doing the BAcc or ACCA programme.

For a moment, I experienced serendipity in the welliness centre when I had a nice nap there...(Till some asshat woke me up. BAH!)
And my friend asked jokingly if I was there for counselling..
Which was kinda weird, since I wanted to take the counselling course, but yet I needed counselling myself...
(In Russell Peters' words, -indian accent- "That will be counterproductive...")

On a nice note, the cut's healing up pretty well, after the bigger 1 apparently got reopened abit on Sat cos I overexerted myself during kayaking.
Must be the sea water, it has to be.
But that makes me look...shallow. Bah. (Duh, it is shallow)

Maybe I shld start with a new deeper 1 to top it up... (Play tic tac toe perhaps?)
But meanwhile, I need Yoko Yoko... [care to sponsor?]
Not just for the endless backaches & shoulder aches, but also for that swollen elbow that I picked up on Cacherel's car when I closed the door and kena it... =*(

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