Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Bah. I'm down with the insignificant yet deadly bird cow flu now.
Which makes me wonder, why did I even stay till so late for my TA consultation session?
1-5 to be precise, when my session is only from 3-5. Bah.
(The fact that there's a quiz tml doesn't help in reducing my inflow of 'clients'.)

Bah, I'm only getting paid $500/sem for being a TA.
So be nice, let me maximise my 'idle time variance' kk?
(And oh, TAs are not omnipotent, all-knowing, online 24/7 and of cos, invulnerable/invincible. So don't try to baffle us with chim chim qns...)

On the upside, at least it's kinda fun to confuse the already confused souls in sch.
Can't help giggling when I see their blur look.. (though tat means i gotta re-explain things all over again)

Bah. Anyone care to be nice and get me a hot drink now?
(Make that a whiskey with hot water to clear up my nose with vapour action.)

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