Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weird nonsenses...[edited]

I wonder if liquor helps 1 to dream or whatsoever.
Cos for a moment, it certainly felt like reality, Paprika-style.
Or perhaps even the slightest manifestation of my imagination...

All the break-ups & patch-backs, all the fun, joy & love, misunderstandings, disappointments and heartaches...
It definitely didn't feel like a dream.
One thing for certain, it has significantly & almost materially distorted my opinion and views on my action plans.
With reasonable assurance, no less.

Or maybe it was just the crazy jam at 3am at CTE tunnel under Chinatown.
[They closed 2 of 3 lanes for repair. bah.]
Too much liquor, lots of recycled stale air in the car, + a move-stop motion cos of the jam.
It all ain't conducive for anything.
Not even for my damn imaginations to picture any nonsense.
[P.S. someone pls dun tell Nad that I drank while she's away at the Ladies. Oops.]

On a side note, here's the weirdest nonsense I ever read so far about cigarette smuggling in SG.
Ever since someone tries to do so by taping them around their waist of hiding them in the shoe or whatsoever.

ICA seizes $285,000 worth of contraband cigarettes in coffins
SINGAPORE : In a first for customs officials in Singapore, $285,317
worth of contraband cigarettes were found in coffins.

ICA officers
seized 37,199 packets of duty-unpaid cigarettes in a raid on August 9.

They also arrested three male Singaporeans aged 32, 37 and 55 years.

The trio were busily retrieving cigarettes from the coffins and
repacking them into carton boxes when the officers arrived.

Following a
tip-off, the raid was conducted at a warehouse in Toh Guan Road East, where
officers found a total of 33 coffins. - CNA /ls

Guess the cigarettes are going up in flame with the coffins. (And perhaps the corpses?)
It'll probably be repackaged and sold to U smokers with extra duty & extra GST.
So much for the need to generate tax revenue from smugglers' effort. Bah.

P.S. that's all for the moment. Nuffnang updates after back from class. bah.
P.P.S. I still wonder why dreams only kick in now. bah bah.

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