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Nuffnang Movie Screening + movie review

This is a belated post, specially dedicated to the Nuffnang Team for the free movie tixs & for organising such an event for all Nuffnangers.

Some time in late July, there was this...

Then I wrote this...
Shortly after, I got this...
Nuffnang screening

Fast-forward 1 week later, it's National Day!
Due to some unforeseen circumstances, my initial movie date 'dropped' me and I had to look for a new date.
Thankfully, sweetie YuNz is nice enough to accompany me as my movie date for the day, even though that was just 1 of her rare off-days.
[Yes, she's the Sentosa gal that I spoke of 'visiting' in late July. It's akin to going back office on off days for her.]

Anyway as porky sleepy YuNz overslept by abit (ok, abit more than abit), me being the nice Robert cow drove over to pick her up.
& got lost. Bah. So malu-ating. [Her place is so far from our destination lor!]
Oh well. That's before we go over and pick our babe with the thighs of death, Gracey.

Then imagine my horror when I realise...[gasp!]
No one's wearing white. Or stars. or even the freaking crescent.
I'm wearing my "Door Bitch" faded red shirt by InstantKarma, Gracey's in her red top (she hates red btw), & Xiao Yun'er's in black.
Oh well. I guess we can pass it off anyway...?

Lucky us though when we reached Vivo, for we managed to get a lot at the basement. Must be the red bringing us all da luck.
Cos Robert Cowboy, Gracey's fren Celest & other latecomers had to park above, which is freaking far from GV.
The 1st thing that sort of greets us when we arrived is this:
Nuffnang Community Outing
Thank god cos the queue's pretty short. (sorry no fotos)
Goodie bags are handed out and tixs were collected.
Movie Tixs for Rush Hour 3
Not to mention, a sticker to indicate that you're here for the event.
nuffnang stickers!
[With my blog add, no less.]
And oh, Qiaoyun came shortly after us as well. =P

While heading over for the reception, YuNz decided to camwhore abit...
nuffnang signboard & yunz

Reception was okay, considering that all 3 of us were starving. =)

Apparently, Claudia was trying to read my blog add (on my sticker on my sleeve) with much difficulty & her bf ended up popping her bubble by outreading her.

[Above 2 fotos courtesy of Claudia]

Shortly after, some other folks from the bar came.
Folks like Nadia, RN, Cowboy, etc etc.
Not to mention, old-time folks like Brennan & god-knows-who-else.
Thought I saw Jayden, the featured blogger for Aug @ Nuffnang.
Did I? Or did I not? Who cares. Not that I give a damn anyway.

Xiaxue showed up with Mike, and I thought their height difference were abit peculiar. Oh well.
And the amazing thing is, Nadia told me iceangel was there as well.
Which got everyone excited, cos we were hoping for some form of 'free show' before the movie, due to some entry by our satire queen.

We heard TK Bearbear's father just arrived and went over to whack find him.
It was damn sweet of him to get 2 rottie soft toys for Nuffnang.
grp foto
It's just so adorable that Qiaoyun wants 1.
Nadia too.
Wait, Gracey also.
Heck, I WANT ONE TOO!!!! I WANT ROTTIE! (soft toy, i mean) =P

That was when I saw Dawn Yang.
With her shades on & the light makeup, she certainly didn't look as hot as she was in magazines and fotos.
But gosh, her legs were the killers. No wonder guys go gaga over them.
(Ok lah, Gracey urs oso, people will go gaga over them, kk? =D)

We headed over to Carl's Jr. for burger on CB's recommendation.
Carl's Jr
For a moment, I saw the star resembles TK.
Or the Tao Hway Man!!!

While loitering around to have my burger get digested, we headed over to Daiso to get my fav Cha Soba.
And then I saw this, which I can't help taking a foto of it.
what ish this?!
Reminds me of something...kinky.
Akin to Durex's new ultra small product. =P

Anyway 1 last camwhoring before we go back...
YuNz & me

So what's in the goodie bag, I wondered?
wat's in da bag?
After laying out everything the "Standby Bed" style, that's all we have:
Mostly Super products, courtesy of Super. =)
& not to forget, our SG flag.

So much for my National Day! =P

Anyway Rush Hour 3 is fairly okay, although low on the action side this time round.
Perhaps Jackie's old already. Afterall, he looks much older in this movie.
The same old jokes, with Chris Tucker doing all the funny shit.
My rating for it? 3/5. A can-watch, but not a must-watch. =P

P.S. I wonder why people wanna take foto with Jayden & not TK?
TK's video downright pwn Jayden's 1. Bah.

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