Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Things I Do For Free Tickets!

Following the email from Nuffnang regarding the free tixs for Rush Hour 3 on National Day, I decided to write this solely not just for the sake of the tix, but to what extent I will go for freebies or even goodies.

Well I mean surely, I've mentioned about queuing for the nice Donuts from Donut Factory for 4~5 hrs for my 2 'short' stints.
But that's just mindless waiting, endless staring, and tiring one night stand. (They stop making donuts ard 7)

So I guess there has to be a couple of rather more drastic or perhaps even extreme stuff that I'll probably do for free tixs...

So I guess the top 3 things that I'll probably do for free tickets would be...

1) Mindless, braindead queuing...
That's right... Just queue and queue and queue.
Just like how people can camp overnight to queue for Harry Potter's latest book, or to queue for that mouthless Hello Kitty back then.

2) Cross-dressing...
Well it might be abit extreme, but hey! If it makes the others in the queue puke and leave the queue, why NOT?!
Done that before a long long time back when well... police worn shorts. yup.

Besides, if brother meng can do it, so can you I wor...

And lastly...
3) Do a Hard Gay!!!

It might look gay and stuff like that but hey, it might just scare off some people in the queue wor!
Then again, I'm not as well built as Hard Gay.
So I might just end up looking soft. Soft Gay. =P

But definitely for sure, there will be 1 damn thing that I'll never do...
Stripping on national TV, that is.

With a yellow undies, no less.

That's soooooo yucks.

Oh well.. =P

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