Monday, August 06, 2007

No updates

As the title probably suggested.
I'm too tired/lazy/slack/lovelorn/confused/lost to blog anything.

Most update shld probably come in the next 2 days as I reorg myself.
Anyway, here's some random facts I observed when someone's lost/confused/lovelorn/whatsoever.

1) They make the dumbest mistake ever, especially for financial-avid folks
The perfect example? I went to 7-11 to get Sprite (@$1.95) but they run out of it & only have 7-Up (@$2.30).
So I end up getting 7-Up at a more ex price, only to realise...*gasp* the provision store beside 7-11 haven't close yet.
Now how farking dumb can I get..? (somemore pass by it...)

2) They forgot about common sense...
I went down to the car and realise... I forgot the freaking car keys. Bah.

3) Self-mumbling...
I was spotting many times during camp stoning and mumbling some nonsense.
Just like the grandpa frm Simpsons movie in the church.

4) Indulgence in vices
Needless to say, indulgence in sinful vices are certainly so sinful that u'll probably guaranteed a trip down to Hell, but hey, at least u enjoyed it wor...
Had drinks daily, especially during camp to get me thru those lonely nites..
(Org. Comm folks like me no get to interact with girls anyone cos we no grp -boohoo-)
& oh, inhaled lots of 2nd-hand smoke frm Yvonne after kbox on Fri nite. (Can change strawberry flavoured cigars anot?)

Bah. Chalet + camp fotos to come.
I feel like a klutz now sia.

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