Monday, August 20, 2007


Sheer madness on the 1st day of school.
Left home late, reached on time, and gave everyone the black face. Bah.
Not to mention, didn't speak AT ALL in finance class.
& Lizhen thought the prof's a yr 3/4 student lor... Bah.

Anyway, I pretty much went bonkers today.
Dropped 2 out of 4 confirmed mods, only to bid for 2 more, which includes re-bidding for MS but on thurs instead of fri.
Reason being? to compact my classes to 4 day week instead.
So much for high-risk maneuvers

In other news, I'm pretty much on my way to getting my Oxford-Brookes degree.
Just a matter of whether it's 2nd Upper (confirmed!) or 1st class...

Gotten a sucky 54 for fin. reporting and a better but equally sucky 68 for fin. management.

That still works out to an average of 61 still, which means I need 61/100 at least for Audit to get my 1st Class... Bah.

Meanwhile, I need lots of $$$ for my textbooks...
And lots of e$$!!! pls dun bid so high. Bah.

On side news... Maybe I'm just lost.
Too much changes... Too much blows...
Perhaps I shld take a sem or 2 off to rest and reflect...

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