Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Felicia Teo Saga...

Remember my previous post about Felicia Teo, the gal who's been missing since 30th June??

After that brief uproar about some kiddo's outrageous entry about Felicia Teo & some extremely poor attempt from him to cover up the incident, (DEY! got screenshot leh, spas or what?)
apparently he doesn't learn his mistake. Perhaps he thought he's doing a Star Wars?
"Voxy-Who? strikes back" - That probably went off in his mind while he gets more warped doing projects.
[Yah...we know... Everyone gets warped doing projects. Even me.]

Shall not say too much to 'glorify' him since he ain't gonna learn his lesson anyway.
Screenshot of his entry as follows: [JUST IN CASE SOMEONE TRIES TO DELETE AGAIN]
Click on foto to enlarge.

If you read through what he wrote (via his site or the foto), he's being sarcastic about the entire episode of events. Not to mention, trying to sound sympathetic towards Felicia while being outright sarcastic about it.
[P.S. foto better. stop trying to boost his ego by reading his blog]

The most obvious line?

But I’m still waiting for the longest time that I see Felicia on
MSN. It’ll come.

5 days. 5 years. 50 years.

Sometimes, it makes you wonder why the wrong folks always suffer. Bah.
And oh please, stop trying to sound religious and pull Jesus into the picture.

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