Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dumb Mistakes, Verge of ..., Birthday

Had a really horrible week where I was on the verge of breakdown any moment.
To top it up, bidding for modules had sent my heartbeat up to an all-high of around 150 all the time.

Just when this time during the 2nd window I'm pretty certain that I already sealed my bid with a super high bid figure...
Imagine my horror when I realised I bidded for the wrong class. =(

Instead of G8, I bidded for G5. And the sad fact that there's only 1 slot left goes to show that the prof's good and I'm unlikely to get it unless I bidded very high.
Now the horror when I bidded wrongly. Unless someone's willing to drop during BOSS 2A, otherwise I'll be doomed literally. Bah.

Unless I manage to get the professor to accept 1 more in her class. Bah.
(Tough move... Harder than trying to get Uncle Lee to say yes...)

On Fri nite, Joelle Ah Yee's bdae celebration...
Nothing too xiong...Just chilling out... Though I keep ask her drink...
On side news, poor Amber got bashed left-right-centre for her 21st bdae bash...
And me being the nice sweetie, only jio her to drink 1 cup ONLY since i came so late.
1/2 a cup full, there's all... I think that was the trigger... =P
Her sis wasn't nice enough and keep taking fotos of her 'merlion-ing' in the toilet.
With my cam. hurhurhur. But I ish lazy to post it up... =P
Anyway loved her cake...damn nice!!

Happy 21st bdae gal! My 'car' coming for u next week during the bash.. =)

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