Friday, August 10, 2007

Dream vs Reality

Apparently the deliberate lack of sleep's bringing me weird dreams.

I only slept at 5am yesterday after settling some admin & liaison issues, before waking up at 9+ to prep in time for Nuffnang exclusive screening of Rush Hr 3.
Amazingly, the weirdest yet highly likely event popped up in my dream.

I dreamt of seeing Yanling & her close friend Shuwen at a 7-11/Sch/dunno where (Quite vivid...).
Apparently, I was trying to hide from their sight so they won't see me but Shuwen saw me.
What happened after that was a mystery cos... I woke up then.
So perhaps she might have kept it a secret, or perhaps she would have alerted Yanling.
As for Yan's subsequent reaction, it's a completely different story which comprise a series of complex possibilities.
[Which of cos, I have absolut-ly no idea cos I'm up by then & can only guess.]

Bah. So much for a 5, 10 minutes dream in exchange for 4 hrs of pathetic sleep.
Then again, it only serves to worsen my perception of reality & dreams.
It's akin to having the plot in Paprika come true. BAH!!

I hate it when new uncertainties pop up and disrupt my resolve & bias for action. =(


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