Monday, July 02, 2007

Right Now...

I bet Eugene must have been laughing his ass off at me downing a can of beer while walking from 7-11 back to the classroom.
Bet he must be praying hard that I burped damn loudly during class. (which I eventually did, but in a muffled way)

Anyway Breda beer's possibly 1 of the cheapest and most evurl nonsense I found so far in 7-11.
@ $2.20 a can, u can get a couple of cans and drink urself silly.
Like me. In the middle of the day no less.
Just don't drink too much and let the gas build up in u. It sux.

Too bad though that the lack of sleep the previous night only serves to make me more drowsy.
[maybe shld try drinking for next class again and sleep more.]

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