Friday, July 13, 2007


For once, I have to admit that I'm fallible. For choosing to cramp so much nonsense.
Especially after attending my 1st class for P3: Business Analysis, which is the new syllabus's equivalent of the old 3.5: Strategic planning and blah³.
Now I truly understand the pain of the working folks while taking this nonsense.

On a side note, the bald indian dude who's teaching this paper seems to have some issues with marriage.
While constantly referring to it as "a mistake on the part of the guy", he use it as illustration for demographics analysis to target products towards.
Like the part on "He prefers a Jag but his wife ask him to buy a merc convertible cos it's smaller and suits him better, but most of all she could drive it to the mall on a sun."

Bah. There's seriously no hope for the human race.
Not when you get such lecturers with such examples. =(

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