Sunday, July 08, 2007

Calling Policies

From now on, Cow's telecommunication policies will be as follows:

1) All incoming calls will be answered ASAP if from identified source. (unless in class/busy)
2) All unidentified calls will be either be answered with a "SI MI LANJIAO?!?!" or "你是谁找谁?", or I'll just cut the call. (me no like India telemarketeers)
3) All smses will be replied ASAP within 5 mins unless it's: a)farking boliao, b)a dumb request, c) I'm asleep, or d) it's just u, asshat.
4) All outgoing SMSes will be subject to the 10mins rule for reply, beyond which I'll place a lower priority on replying that. Anything beyond 1hr will be replied the next day.
5) All outgoing calls will be redialed to a max of 3 times only. (unless emergency). After which a SMS will be sent and I'll be off to lala-land. (meaning, dun bother call me. sleep ish more impt.)
6) All supper request via SMSes is sent to various parties (as I deemed fit). So 1st reply will be entertained.
7) I ish not from India. So pls dun freaking call and ask for tech support.
8) Neither am I from farking StarComm. (who the fark owns that farking co. anyway?)
9) And lastly, I am not from SOS. So don't call and ask for help. I ish materialistic self-centred heartless bastard. (& I dun deny that.)
10) Don't tell me say I know u ish who. Me no like mind games. (& in the 1st place, no reply maybe = i deleted ur no. 4evar.)
11) FINALLY, pls switch on ur HP if u ever bring it out. Don't be an idiot who bring HP out the whole day switched off.

So yah..... That shall be it for now... Till I review again to match up to the latest hp idiots in town.

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1 MoOeD~!!

At 7:14 pm, July 09, 2007, Blogger Chu Wen said...

i'm also a self centred bastard!
how ah!


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