Thursday, June 14, 2007

Raffles & their Elitist Egoistic Society

Raffles. I'm sure that will bring to mind RI, RJ, Wee Shu Min (yucks!!!) and god-knows-what other nonsense like 4A 2A1s 3 Distinctions.

Some love them like mad (I'm sure A*Star & PAP does), while some hate them like mad...
(I mean, how farking ugly can ms Wee get... & oh, how irritating can those whiteys with their 4A2A1 get??)

Years ago, I was at the MRT while I overheard 2 RJ gals ranting off about their results to each other...
"Gosh I got like 1A3B for my midterm. It's so bad. =("
What you mean by so bad? Others would even do anything for 3Bs...

Anyway, I just had a new found reason for hating them.
Their school building, that is.

Of cos it's not like it's their fault for designing the freaking building like that, but it's always fun to blame the bigger (& fatter) target.

Anyway, I was there on Wednesday for my exam.
And man, I am amazed by how big their campus was.
After looking around, I decide to check for the venue to report to.
Blk A level 7. What the fark?! You mean the school's that high?
And now the messed up part. They only have 2 freaking lifts with a max capacity of 20 serving Blk A.

Come on!! How farked up can it get?
Don't tell me you guys din spot this farked up mistake when the school was built?
Or are you guys just too dumb (or free or sporty) to just climb the stairs?
Anyway, the story doesn't stop here.
Apparently MANY people had the same thought as me, as I saw at least 100+ people waiting at the lobby just for the lifts.
And the lifts (both fully packed) are not moving cos apparently it's overloaded but there's no alarm or overload message.
So much for an Elitist school with dumb facilities.
Perhaps before elitists can truly call themselves elitists, they should review all the dumb facilities that they have.
And oh, have more maps in the school if the campus's gonna be so big.
On a more friendly note, I heart their water cooler lots.
At least it's cold.
And their classroom's aircon. =P

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