Friday, June 22, 2007

Politics & Evolution (draft)

Note: V1 only. more updates tml.
P.S. it's mostly fictional in terms of inferrence.
I don't make the stereotypes, I just see them.
Any opinions/comments, pls leave them so i can change this along the way.

It's amazing how politics have evolved worldwide over the years.
From monarchy to Tyranny, Theocracy, Communism (think China) and many other forms, politics has went through many changes since the days of East Indian Company or even since the 1st Dynasty of China was formed.

Take the little red dot, Singapore, for example.
In the past it used to be like this under the colonial rules.
Ok perhaps not that bad, but somewhat similar. Especially in WWI during the Japanese Occupation.

Along the way colonial rules were gradually replaced by democracy, but apparently it is just 'democracy' in name.
Even if people despite and hate it, there isn't exactly much alternatives either.

Shortly after, with change in attitudes and needs, democracy is starting to truly take form, though occasionally it is still in name as well.
[P.S. find this familiar?]

And lastly, something that's not quite linked to this entry but still related to local politics context:
The Ministerial Pay Hike, right after announcement of pay hike for the civil sector.

Don't all these makes you wonder why they even bother with democracy in the 1st place?

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