Sunday, May 27, 2007

Voting, Politics, Whatsoever shit-ake

Happened to find this dilbert comic while digging in my Dilbert archive of collections. =)
Courtesy of Scott Adams,

Anyway, with elections happening round the world, I guess this comes in pretty useful.
(US Presidential coming soon soon soon...dunno when)
Not to mention, in our local context as well. (Where got each GRC/region everytime walkover 1?!)

Of cos, we do know of certain miscues that our leaders did every now and then.
Like that slap on another person, or that "Can you tell me why...blah blah blah", or even that "I'll SUE U!".
Not to forget, the latest blunder with the closing of that UNSW.

And if you think choice of election affects only politics, think again.
What about 'elections' in office or other context?

A random point made by Gavin today was damn 'interesting', although kind of political.
If I wasn't wrong, it went something like this:
"TMD the govt 1st raise tax, then raise their salary, and now they're taking my $$ to pay for F1? I want to OPT OUT!"

Apparently I wanted to laugh out loud when he mentioned about 'opt-out' for using his part of the tax $$ to pay for the F1 event.
(Of cos I didn't lah, I not so mean k?)
But seriously, exactly how many decision made by the govt which requires our resources, are we allowed to opt out?
Think hard enough, and the 1st to come to mind is probably the HOTA (Human Organs Transplant Act) which comes into effect when you reach 21.
Think harder, and probably there isn't much others.
(Seriously I can't think of much other stuff. Care to add on to the list?)

Of cos, you can choose to opt out of the GST credit package and donate the moolah, but I doubt there's much people who would do that.
Anyway I wonder why is it that in Singapore where we practise democracy and 'vote' for our leaders, we do not have a visible and audible voice that is loud enough of having a say in the govt's decision?
And even if there are channels for voicing out, why all the red-tapes and long routes for doing so?
So much for bureaucracy.

Darns, I guess lack of sleep's responsible for such random outburst.

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