Sunday, April 22, 2007

Teenage Intimacy

I happened to see this article on teenage intimacy by ice angel (AKA Ms. Esther Chia) and thought it's pretty well written in a way.
Well, at least emotional appeals were used.
(/me whack Analytical Skills and 'fallacy of appeal to emotion/pity' outta my little head)
Do go read it and think about it. (then again, my audience seem to be in their 20s... -sighz-)

Anyway I know I ish kinda overaged to write about such issues, but then again I guess an alternative view to the typical letters from youngster would be good once in a while.

First, for students in school uniform hugging, kissing or whatsoever intimate rubbish, I guess it's up to one's discretion. Afterall, I'm pretty sure those of us out that who had 'pak tor-ed' (hokkien for being in a courtship/relationship) before with a fellow classmate or schoolmate during your school days, would have some public display of affection (PDA).

From a student point of view, I'm perfectly fine with it as long as it isn't going to (and it WILL not definitely) affect my studies. Well I mean, come on! How would hugging or kissing in public affect my grades? Even in universities, the freshmen ladies (usually around 18 going 19) do display that with their newfound love too. I believe this is common in polytechnics and JCs as well.

I do understand however that schools have a completely different set of concerns. Afterall, students are representatives of the school and will have a significant impact on their reputation and image.
However, do consider this. Which is worse off, having students who are captured on camera hugging and kissing in public, or having just 1 student who is involved in gangfights, sales of pirated DVDs or even in trivial issues like shoplifting?
I'm pretty sure schools which DO not have a good reputation with the police to start with SHOULD be more concerned about crime control, rather than worrying about the student's social life development.
(For example, my secondary school in some opposition GRC which always used to have gangfights after school)

From society's view on this issue, I'm sure that parents form the largest voice from society about this, as they're worried that these actions would lead to them being led astray or doing things that would affect their studies. These concerns while no doubt valid, may be signs of protectionism. Such conservative thoughts may backfire in our progressively modern society as teens tend to be more rebellious nowadays.
(You think teens nowadays so stupid, stand there let u take cane and whack their hands meh?!)

Eventually, these public intimacy is up to the teens' discretion, and whether they know when and where to stop at.
(Thou shall not get into the details about the minority race and their counterparts 'petting' doing some physically outrageous actions on buses and stuff lidat)

P.S. I am not racist, and neither do I make the stereotypes. I just see them.

Second, with regards to pre-marital teenage sex, teenagers usually think of it as something simple like peer pressure, the typical "if bf want & u dun give, bf break up with u", and all the various other emotional appeals. Well to a certain extent these things apply.
But my solution to these? Education, education and more education. On sex the birds and the bees, that is.
These pressure and whatsoever appeal may be great, but that's only the causes that lead to the actions. What about the consequences?

It's just so simple. A typical cause-effect relationship.
"Because ur friends are all not virgin, thus you also follow suit and have sex with your bf/gf, in order to join them."
Doesn't the above scenario sounds familiar? Teenagers should be deterred from pre-marital sex becos of the consequences and not becos of peer pressure and stuff lidat.
There's nothing wrong with peer pressure. Only just weak minds which would succumb and end up being influenced and doing the wrong things.
My take on this? Unless you're prepared and stuff lidat, pls don't go there k?
(Me dun want to see babies tio dumped wor. Damn gross and inconsiderate and inhumane.)

I guess that's about my 2 cent worth of cow logic on teenage intimacy. =P
Afterall, lim pehgu no longer a teenage liao...

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