Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 resolutions

Looking back, I'm better off in terms of material and physical wealth, yet not any better off in terms of health and mental capacity. Every now and then, I felt that I've grew older yet not wiser.

It's funny that as I grow older, I seclude myself more from crowds and loses my ability to do any tedious calculations as compared to almost a decade ago. In fact, I realise I'm 1 year short of celebrating a decade of driving experience. So how's that for ageing?

I realise I may not be able to achieve all of these, but at least having something in mind's better than none at all:

1) Lose weight - I've "ballooned" to 79kg, which wasn't too bad given my height but this would skew my output/weight ratio. So let's aim for 75kg and keep it there yeah?

2) Drink less - looking back, I've been drinking almost every week. It's been a great drinking run, but I guess that contributed to (1) above as well. So let's see if I can cut it down by 25-30%?

3) Increase my income - going forward, I guess I am probably looking towards a career switch. Hopefully, I can realise my hope of having a 10% increment for the next job.

4) Be happy - somehow, it's just that darn hard to do so.


1 MoOeD~!!

At 3:34 am, April 06, 2012, Blogger David B. Beaver said...

Good resolutions and good thoughts overall, good luck and God bless,



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