Sunday, February 03, 2008


The most unfortunate thing occurred to me last night.
Apparently my school email & domain password was hacked and changed without my permission.

After much confirmation with friends that the webby's not down, I'm certain it is not a case of forgetting a newly changed password cos:
1) I am NOT so stupid to forget my new password
2) There wasn't any initiation of change of passwords, and neither was the password going to expire soon.
3) I was still able to access my email @ 10pm but by 12MN, I was unable to instead.

Given that the IT dept will only be open tomorrow, I'll have to wait till then to get them to reset my password (since I forgot to register for SMS reset) and check if it was indeed a hack or error on the system's part.

Meanwhile, pray hard that nothing's lost for all my vital information for school and work's all in it.
[and my freaking com don't allow me to access offline. =*( ]


0 MoOeD~!!

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