Friday, January 04, 2008

Vote Priscilla For Inter JC Pageant 2008!

Now now, don't say I 不够讲义气 k?!
At the request of my brudders-cum-bosses JesuaFreak & Jaywalk, help vote for his niece, F-13 - Priscilla.
[P.S. to clarify, we don't get to earn a date with her. So don't think we help cos got agenda k? Cos we ish nice ppl.]

So in return hor, Jesuafreak has promised to open one Martell for every plugged blog and Priscilla will join us for the Martell party when Jaywalk comes back from SpitLand during Chinese New Year.

So what'cha waiting for? Start voting and plugging! Mai Too Liao.
Please vote for Priscilla (J-13).

Help by voting and plugging the vote!!! =)

List of fellow bloggers who have plugged the vote:
- Jaywalk
- Cowboy Caleb
- r3gular
- JesuaFreak
- Princess

[do let me know if u've plugged to so i can update...=P]


0 MoOeD~!!

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