Thursday, December 20, 2007


I had always suspected that I had a different set of thinking from my uni peers, despite cracking the same lame jokes, saying the same dumb things, and getting the same lousy grades in school.

Ok, perhaps not exactly the same in everything, but it kind of became apparent when Charles & I were out with XF & the other gals. [the '87, '88s]

So in an attempt to 'ka jiao' 1 of their gal fren who was out 'pak tor-ing' at Geographer supposedly, we end up there not seeing anyone but them being 'suakus', wanted to check out the live performance...

And apparently this happened in a conservation between us & the Waitor (W):
W: "Now is happy hr, bottle @ $138, later $188 liao."
XF: " u all have Midori Sprite??"
W: "Huh?!?!" *thinking SI MI LAI DE...*
W: "U wait hor..." -go to counter and check with the bartender-
~after a while~
W: "Sorry, we don't serve such drinks..."
XF: "Orh ok... what abt...Screwdriver???"
W: "Huh?!?!"
XF: "'s Vodka Orange..."
W: "Orh ok...1 jug only ah???" -eyes wide open while counting 6 of us-
XF: "eh yah..."

And apparently, it was a bad idea since it's freaking overpriced @ $48.
Should had gone Zouk, we thought. BAH!

Lots of thanks though to Lex, who happens to work there...
[If not u gals probably won't get to camwhore with the 2 thai guys that they find cute. Or was it 3? Oh well..]

And a random conversation between the 2 of us:
L: "Oh u're here!!! 原来 u all are the 1 who ordered dunno midori sprite or barcardi sprite..."
C: "Eh yah...wasn't me...the gals dunno si mi si bottles..." *paiseh*

Perhaps I have been deeply influenced by my older peers so much that I find drinking from jugs no longer as fun, or interesting.
Rather, bottles seems to be more economically feasible and viable, and presents an additional source of entertainment (given the right crowd) or even an extra weapon (in the hands of a skilled wielder).

To end off with, I ain't going back to Arena anymore.
A rather traumatising experience for me last night.
Don't ask me why. U probably know if U were there. BAH!


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