Monday, November 19, 2007

Updated Wishlist

1) NTUC vouchers - For retail therapy + sustaining my dietary needs
2) Popular/Kino/Borders vouchers - for all my stationary + reading material needs
3) A McD treat - I could use a Happy Meal... (Don't KOPE THE TOY!)
4) Simple wishings - It's just so simple. Simplicity is bliss, remember?
5) Cold Hard Cash - The easiest gift evar...
6) Pencil Case - a big & simple yet nice 1 will do. (P.S. I dun want those can transform 1 wor...)
7) Pi Pa Gao - So that I won't puke blood again...

As usual, nov exam ain't the time to be happy cos it's associated with sickness.
Been feeling kinda unwell with sore throat and stuff lidat...
& it only gotten worse when I spat out phelgm which contain a bright red piece of blood clot.
Now how's that for a wake-up call...?

So meanwhile, no more late-night MacD for me or whatsoever. Bah~


0 MoOeD~!!

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