Monday, October 08, 2007

Midterm Break, Project Deadline(s), Pending Ops

Right on top of my To-Do list for this 1 week midterm break, I has the most unsightful erxin irritating sian task to do...
"Corp Rep meeting at 9am at blah blah blah..."

Bah. 3 hrs of unproductive nonsense, followed by a equally nonsensical lunch at Soup Spoon, where I had to put up with not-so-nice soup and long-time-no-see (but not so familiar) sec sch friends.
But thank god for nice and sweet project mates.
[Jess: YAH LAH YAH LAH! u all very sweet and nice lah..wait diabetic den u know..Diabetic EQUAL wor..]

Apparently, we had such nonsensical discussion that we hop from topics to topics. Of cos though, I was asked of some not-so-nice stuff which I 'nicely' answer without full disclosure.
Afterall, full disclosure is never my style. Especially without any statutory requirements.
I do lie alot, remember? [So don't take my words for anything. Esp. those coming for consultations.]

On the topic of project deadline(s)... There's only 1... though it's a shitty 1. Bah.
Life can't get any shitter than that...
Once again, thank god for nice project mates. =P

Meanwhile...Fri's coming...Lalala...


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