Friday, October 12, 2007


I guess crying is the new drinking.

I tear-ed. With red bloodshot eyes & an annoying runny nose.
I cried. For 2~3 hours straight.
Till my tear glands were almost out of tears.

It hurts. But it certainly feel good crying.
Though I doubted anyone who sees that would think the same too..
Machiam like I emo until jialat jialat. Never emo until lidat before k...

To put it in perspective, it feels as though U just removed ur gas mask in the CS gas chamber.
Runny noses, teary eyes. And the worst thing? U can't touch them... BAH~!!

Lots of thanks to Lynn who rushed over after interview to pick me up and send me back...
Really appreciated it lots sia... -Hug w/o physical contact- =P

Meanwhile, let's see how things go...
Afterall, Seeing is believing.


0 MoOeD~!!

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