Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bad Karma

I wonder if it's the dumb shirt I worn yesterday, or some nonsense I did but didn't realise.
Cos recently I've been experiencing dumb bouts of random bad luck.

1) Did the quiz today, only to be told we need to indicate whether it's (U) or (F) as well... [1x major blow to my pride as TA]
2) Realise no one cleared the letterbox last night and was surprised MX team actually sent the tix to me by mail!!!
There u go, the movie tix.. =P

3) The problem is, the tix's for tonite's movie. BAH.
4) Audit midterm tml, + Audit ACCA class tonite. BAH BAH.
5) I haven't finish reading everything, courtesy of weird events popping up. BAH.
6) Random bouts of mild stress kicking in...

With a life like this, I certainly need lots of vice to counterbalance it. =(

I guess there's no rest for the wicked afterall...

*updated* I just realised I made another mistake with batches.
There's no 2.5 batch in allocation of batch-driven overheads!!! arghhh...
That sucks... Super mega blow to ego... (That's like the dumbest mistake anyone can make...evar!)
Just when you thought the feeling of knowing sth's wrong but not sure what is bad enuff, think again...
Knowing sth's wrong & knowing exactly what but not being able to change anything's even worse. FARK.


0 MoOeD~!!

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