Friday, October 05, 2007

The Amazing Race...

On Wed, I just had the most ridiculous midterm evar...

A 4-man group assignment.
The terms & condition?
To deliver the audit planning memo to the prof's office within 12 man-hrs.
[And off she went back to her office in another building to wait for us to slog away at it...]
The penalty? -20% for late submission. Bah.

I had to admit while the total of 12 man-hrs was ridiculously short for the assignment especially for the 4-man grps, it's been kinda of fun...
All the random luck of being assigned random grpies...(I dun wanna think too much abt my grpmates liao...haiz...)
Not to mention, the mad frenzy in typing out the report...
And the best part? Us hogging the printer in printing room like no one's business.

The order of movement?
From classroom to printing room [Biz sch still] to Acct sch's office. Bah.
Imagine 6, 7 grps running over to the office. What a crazy sight. Bah...

Anyway, the thur class did the same funny nonsense as well.
Guess we're all pretty crazy afterall. =P


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