Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lost for thoughts

For a moment, I was really angry.
No, it's not about the participants.
But rather angry with myself.

My failure to brief them properly about safety issues pretty much contributed to the outcome of the event.
So much for Bay Escapade 07...
Even the IC weiyang also felt the event went quite badly...

Imagine the horror I experienced when Gee Yong shouted out "Don't go near the Merlion!!"
For a moment, the "Oh SHIT!" message popped up in my mind..
Sometimes, I just wish someone would be the poor fellow & sacrifice be the example, 杀鸡敬猴 and remind the rest not to go near there.
(There's a suction area under the merlion, just in case u wonder where the fark the water the merlion merlion-ed came from)

Thankfully, there wasn't any injury, serious or minor. (Not that I know of any.)
Else I'll pretty much be screwed. bah.

-Wonder if they had fun...-
1 thing for sure, I'm damn sure Jason had lots of fun hopping ard kayaks and capsizing them...
Bah. No wonder people don't like to organise kayaking events.
Moving & Washing kayaks are more shaggy than kayaking itself.

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1 MoOeD~!!

At 12:34 am, September 04, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dude
U did a good job man
Cheer up! We all learn yea?

Wei Yang


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