Sunday, September 09, 2007


Recently, my behaviour has taken a twist towards various extremes...
Towards both good and bad...

The good extreme? I volunteered for lots of nonsense, knowing it's extra work for me.
In addition, doing 'charity' by giving away lots of freebies. Not that I'm siao, but no pt having them if I can't make it for free movies and stuff lidat.

Now for the other extreme. I've been really mean both online and in person.
To the extent I probably pissed off some folks. Who I pretty much don't give a damn either, to put it across crudely.
In a certain manner, I'll deem it 1-for-1, since it's really unreasonable if I am to be criticised (ok i shld actually) for such mean behaviour but the opposition's doing so too.
As for the redeeming factor? It mostly only occur on Wed, my busiest day where I had to squeeze lunch within a pathetic 5mins break.

So much for the intellect folks who count ppl's $$. No wonder they either change job early or end up dying young.

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