Thursday, September 27, 2007


I had the horror of discovering I'm sick again (yes... I usually refuse to acknowledge that I'm sick until I'm really sick) when I've been coughing non-stop even though the flu subsided.

The key indicator that sets off the alarm in my mind?
Coughing so badly that I coughed out my Big Mac lunch set (Bah, there goes $6+)...
And not to mention, bits and traces of blood in the foam i spurt out. [Really bad abrasion in either the windpipe or esophagus...)

Guess something she said to me awhile back (quite a long while) was pretty true...
"U're pretty stubborn at times...Especially when u're ill..."
Well guess what? U're pretty right on that. But oh well...

As such, thou shall make a trip down to the clinic in sch tml...
Before heading over to the gym and hopefully not 'share' the joy. lalala... =P

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