Friday, August 17, 2007

SMUX Camp *update*

Was away from 14th Aug to 16th Aug for SMUX camp.
With 500ml of Black Label, that's all.
Didn't intend to KO myself cos I dun wanna zzz while kayaking.

Was literally all over Singapore, considering we hopped from West to East.
From KAP via the old rail tracks at Clementi area to Pandan reservoir.
Then from there to Jurong West area near Chinese Garden where memories are stirred.
Lots of fun exploring the older estates where Xinyu & I apparently found the oldest-looking NTUC ever. And oh, the getai as well.
Didn't get to hop over to JEC for iceskate though since there wasn't enough time.
Anyway got this old couple parked near 1 of our cars (outside the carpark) and made out there, with us playing cards near it lor. So duh.
The only explanation? Uncle forget to bring cashcard...
(Foggy glass tells all...)

Funny encounters of the night?
Was stationed at the main road, next to the entrance to Chinese Garden. Right inside is the Nightclub.
Had weird looks from cabbie uncles, as though we're pimping rides for the club.
Not to mention, those club gals looking at me while walking out as though I'm 'fresh & tender young meat'.
And the killer? A guy approaching Xinyu & asking "你们在玩什么?"
It was damn funny oso when they picked us up. The freshie gals had such a commotion when a lizard on the lorry climbed on the arm of 1 of them. =P

Then over to West Coast, where...
1) I had coke with Black Label @ Mac, and the logs folks joked about telling the staff that it's 'fermented' or spoilt.
2) I got a FREAKING shower cos I thought my bag's out in the rain when Yulin already took it into the tent for us. Bah.
3) I got a low-key high from drinking and then had the freaking high dissipate cos I ran like mad to check on my bags. =(
4) I froze to death while sleeping in Mac @ 6+.. And darns, I drool on the table.
5) I had the most freaking shock of my life evar when I woke up and realise my freaking left eye was rather bloodshot (a red patch there) and it couldn't focus on anything.
Not even the freaking Mac words on the big posters and stuff. Took a freaking 2+ hr before I regained perfect assisted vision.
Funny quote of the night?
"How come the coke taste weird? Spoilt izzit? I ask the staff to change..." -panick!-

Day 2 has me hopping over to Changi Beach for the Sun, the Sand, and the Sea. And the Ah Kuas.
Was doing safety kayak duty and well saw this cute gal from AJ Wushu. In fact, she got this oriental look that everyone noticed her.
As usual, safety duty is ever boring cos u're on a single kayak and no one talks with u. Bah.
And the FARKING rain & strong wind isn't a gd thing. =(

Heard Ix Shen's teaching diving to the diving group at Tampines Safra. So shiok. haha...
Anyway night time's for grp skits, where there's a couple of 'R21' skits. wahaha..
And of cos, time for me to indulge in my 'healthy' whiskey green tea. =P
Funny encounters of the day?
Saw Vincent & his Co-GL acting weird. Can sense aura somemore.
*spark spark*
& oh, the occasional Ah Kuas here and there.

Day 3 has the weather against us, right after skating just ends.
Funny sightings? a guy holding a gal's hand as if he's supporting her during skating.
When nearing us, they let go of their hands. And the gal could skate perfectly fine!!
And just after they skate past me... Guess what?
The gal told the guy, "Hold my hand..." -_-
Oh well.

Weather was really sucky though.

The only foto that I took.
Everyone got wet. Bah.
& I din get to kayak cos too many safety.
So ended up playing cards with 2 freshies who didn't go. (1 has migrane, the other has period.)

Clean-up's a bitch. They left the kayaks filled with water for us. ARGHH!

Oh well. Event's over.
1st time go camp dunno most of the other folks 1. KAO!
And minimal interactions with the freshies somemore!
Not right lor. Bah. I need someone to buy my textbooks lor.

Oh well.
Uni-Y camp updates soon with fotos.
Meanwhile, out for 881. =P
P.S. I recalled something while watching 881, but can't remember what. BAH!!!! arghh...

Ok i recalled what now...
Ah Yee J1's not able to join me @ west coast cos she's working the next day, she's unable to sleep & she's on sedatives. bah.
As for Ah Yee J2, let's just say... from going bf's place @ Changi, she ended up in Labrador. Oh well.
I don't wanna know what happens there. Not even the details abt foggy windows. XP

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