Saturday, August 25, 2007

Drink-drive, Drinking, Joelle's bdae..

Repeat after me...
"Do not drink-drive, Do not drink-drive, DO NOT DRINK-DRIVE!!!"
Not that I do. Bah.

I hate it when I drink for the sake of drinking...
It has never been right...or good.
Not that I end up emptying my guts out anyway...
Mellow & melancholy ain't go well with liquor.

Last night, I almost had an heart attack/shock of my life when I saw the flashing lights at Keppel Road.
A really bad experience. Bah.
Thank god there wasn't any roadblocks or whatsoever.

Anyway to u Joelle Ah Yee, Happy 24th 21st birthday! (in advance)
May u stay 24 21 always!!
And oh, many more lambos to come... (no fire last nite..bah)
-whisper- ("Told ya I got good taste... the gal we saw@Movida last nite, Apple Hong's friend with the beret cuter & prettier.. =P)

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