Monday, July 23, 2007

School & Bidding Woes

Right now, I am pretty stressed but no one's ard to care.
I'm getting not the hot-cold treatment, but the cold-cold treatment from that someone.
And BOSS 1A's bidding results isn't very encouraging.

I'm seriously comtemplating bidding for temporary classes while I drop them in the 1st week of school and bid through BOSS 2.
In its way, it's like a damn Russian roulette. U nv know if the bids' gonna be sky high or damn low.

I need a whiskey.

On a side note, my new class schedule looks pretty compact right now, standing at a 3 day week.
But darns, the class I'm bidding for got project, unlike the 1 I tried to bid for last round. ARGHH!
& Night class ain't helping.

P.S. Now I understand why Jacq says freshmen are lucky. Bidding thru BOSS ish like fighting WWII. BAH.


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