Sunday, July 22, 2007

Movie Reviews: Invisible Target, Paprika & Disturbia

I guess I was (or maybe wasn't) in a mood for anything, thus I end up catching 3 movies in a row...

1) Invisible Target

I had the pleasure of watching it before the official screening, courtesy of who gave me the free preview tixs.

And the movie goodies as well like posters and stuff...

Synopsis can be found from MX's webby, so thou shall not talk too much about it except the fact that it's 1 of your typical Police show from HK, with abit of Dog-eat-Dog situation. (Infernal Affairs ish still da best...)
Anyway the movie was pretty balanced, though I felt Jaycee Chan's role in the movie was rather redundant and full of those politically right nonsense on what's right and what's not, as with his previous movie (s).
Other than that, everything's fairly alright. Could be better though I felt, given such a relatively strong cast.

My rating for this?

Could watch, but definitely not a must-watch...

2) Paprika

I have to admit, while I wasn't too glad Paprika was only shown in Picturehouse (their seats isn't very comfortable), the movie was more than enough to make up for it.

Paprika explores the possibilities of using technology to engage in psychotherapy and the fusion of reality and the dream world.
Through the use of different movie tools, Satoshi Kon was able to protray the story in a very engaging way which captures the audience's attention.
Besides, the shuttling of between the dream realm and reality has a significant impact on blurring the audience's perception of what is real and what's just a mere dream.
Which could lead audience to question the state of reality and dream realm that they might experience and yet intertwine with each other.

All in all, my rating for this???

It's 1 star short of 5 total cos there's always shortfalls in any films.
For me, this film's pace wasn't exactly what I had in mind... With all the reflective dialogues and stuff.

3) Disturbia

The kid got traumatised by dad's death. Got grounded cos whacked his teacher.
Starts peeping at people's lives. Witnessed a murder by accident.
People din believe him, etc etc etc...
Turns out real murder, murderer tries to kill him etc etc.

My rating for it?

dun even bother about it. BAH.


0 MoOeD~!!

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